A green linen jacket


In this blog post, I will try to give an insight into my thought process when creating an outfit. Most of my outfits are based on a single piece of clothing. In this featured outfit, the core piece is a dark green unconstructed linen jacket. When wearing a combination, I like to create a high contrast between the trousers and jacket. Because the jacket has a darker colour, the shade of the trousers is much lighter. In this case, I chose off-white trousers.

I think it is important to have matching textures in an outfit. Because the linen fabric that was used to make the jacket is thick and wrinkly, I want to make sure the fabric of the trousers have the same textural ‘feeling’. The natural choice is to pick trousers that are made of the same material. Instead, I chose a pair of lightweight flannel trousers, because it was a cold and rainy summer day.

Both the jacket and the trousers have a solid colour. To create a visual interest and contrast with the jacket, I chose a light blue bengal striped patterned shirt. The same principle applies when choosing the tie. A solid tie in this outfit would have been too boring (although a knit or a grenadine tie would have had the same purpose). For this reason, I decided to wear a navy polka-dot tie.

When choosing the shoes for this outfit, I wanted to make sure the attention was not distracted from the top half of the outfit. This was accomplished by wearing shoes that have about the same shade as the top half of the outfit. These light brown whole-cut shoes are a perfect fit for this job.

Picking a pocket square is always a tricky exercise because it can either make or break the outfit. In this case, I chose a cream colour based pocket square with green accents that will be picked up by the colour of the jacket. The pocket square also has a few hints of gold, which go really well with the rose gold watch. Although I try to match the colour of the watch strap with the colour of the shoes, the shade is less important.


Jacket: Unconstructed linen by Rubinacci

Trousers: Lightweight flannel by PT01

Shirt: Light blue bengal stripe by Mazzarelli

Tie: Navy silk polka-dot by Luigi Borrelli

Shoes: Olga whole-cut by Berluti

Pocket Square: Real Teatro Di S. Carlo by Rubinacci

Bracelet: Green beads with silver by Tateossian

Watch: Vintage rose gold by Chronographe Suisse



Berluti Shoes

Pocket Square

Gent’s Sunday: Shining Shoes

Sign Gent's Sunday Shining Shoes

Every first Sunday of the month is Gent’s Sunday at Madame de Pompadour in Utrecht. Gent’s Sunday is an event that my good friend and barber Duncan Bailey organizes. This month Duncan asked me to join his event and offer a shoe shine service to his customers, something I normally only do for good friends. When friends drop by and I notice neglected shoe care, I cannot resist the urge to bring some life back to those poor “soles”.

In an earlier blog, I wrote that have I really developed a passion for quality clothes. This is particularly the case for quality leather shoes. I truly believe that shoes make or break the outfit and a crucial part of this is proper shoe care. It does not matter how expensive your shoes are, a well-cared pair of cheap shoes will look better and last longer than a neglected pair of expensive shoes.

Shoeshine Supplies

Saphir: Renovateur, Pate de Luxe, Pommadier & Lotion

Using the products above, I use the following routine to maintain or restore all my calf leather shoes:

  1. Give the shoes a good brush to get rid of dirt. I prefer a horsehair brush.
  2. Apply nourishing cream to feed the leather like Saphir Lotion or Saphir Renovator if the shoes have been neglected.
  3. After waiting at least 5 minutes, give the shoes a good brush again to remove the excess cream.
  4. Apply Saphir Pommadier cream using a small brush or a cotton cloth. A pea sized amount for each shoe should suffice. Saphir Pommadier contains pigment and will restore the colour to your shoes. It also feeds the leather and adds a wax layer to the shoes, protecting the leather from dirt and water.   Note: Saphir Pommadier can change the colour of your shoes. If I like the colour of my shoes, I use a slightly lighter shade of Pommadier. If I want to develop a patina over time, I use a slightly darker shade.
  5. After the Pommadier allowed to dry, buff it off using a brush (I prefer a horsehair brush).
  6. You can repeat steps 4 and 5 a couple of times when your shoes are new or they haven’t been cared for in a while. I suggest applying about 3-5 layers.
  7. The following step is applying Saphir Pate de Luxe. This hard wax will protect the shoes even better against water and dirt but also give the shoes a high gloss shine.   Note: Because the wax will harden, I only apply a thin layer or two to the whole shoe. If too many layers of hard wax are applied, the wax will break at the creasing parts of the shoes while wearing them.
  8. After application, wait for a while. In this step, the longer you wait, the better. Then brush it like you mean it!
  9. Spit Shine. This is where the true shining takes place. A spit shine is only possible on the parts of the shoes that won’t crease (like the toe box and the back quarters) First you need to build up about 4-6 layers of wax. For each layer you want to apply some wax, wait for at least 5 minutes and then buff it off using a brush.
  10. After these layers are applied, you can start adding water. Put a tiny bit of wax on a cotton cloth, add a splash of water to the part of the shoe that you are spit shining, and apply the wax using circular motions. Repeat this until a high gloss is created. Be aware not to use too much water.   Note: this step can take a while.

The video below shows me spit shining a pair of black brogues during the event:

Oude Gracht

Duncan Bailey

Bailey - Travelling Barber

Santoni Wilson


Shining Shoe 2

John Lobb Widner

Rick Duncan

John Lobb Brooklands

Welcome to MoreMan.nl


I bought my first suit exactly 2 years ago. There was no special occasion, I just wanted to own a suit. At first, I kept it for special events, as most men do, together with a pair of nice leather dress shoes. Besides the fact it felt as a waste to almost never wear the nicest clothes I owned, I also noticed that I felt better wearing a suit and tie.

As a result, I started wearing my suit more often and wanted to expand my wardrobe. I was never taught about classic menswear, so I started doing a lot of research to build a wardrobe from scratch without wasting a lot of money. I noticed how hard it was to get the right information let alone find the right pieces.

During my journey into menswear, I really developed a passion for quality clothing. There is something about the feeling of the fabric, the (handmade) details and general quality of well-made clothes that is very addictive.

I also found out an interest in menswear is quite rare, let alone a passion like the one I developed. In order to receive feedback on my progress and outfits I used Instagram, which has been and still remains a big resource for inspiration. At the time of writing this blog post, I am only a couple of followers removed from my magic 1k goal I set 2 years ago.

I never thought that sharing my passion with fellow enthusiasts is so much fun. Clothes help me to become the best version of myself and I want to share that feeling. This is the reason I started this blog. The name MoreMan is primarily a variation on my last name: Moorman but it also describes the way I feel every day when putting on my suit and tie, more of a man.

I hope you will like to follow my journey onwards into menswear.

– Rick Moorman